What Topics Interest You?

I’ve been thinking lately about to do with my blog on this space, whether it should keep a focus on writing, or if I should use it for all of my interests. Since I want to move more of my online interacting over here, rather than on social media, I’m thinking that it should be the latter.

I’m interested to hear from any of you who like reading what I put together, though – are there any particular topics you like most? Writing, both my work and in general, is something I am going to keep front and center, but I’d also like to write a bit more about music, movies, gaming stuff (more in the vein of tabletop roleplaying games, but I do play a lot of Magic: the Gathering), and the list goes on.

Any thoughts? I’m curious as to what people most want to read about right now. And – we can talk about politics, and I guess we should talk about politics, but… maybe only in productive ways, if we can.

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