Lin Rice is a writer, editor, and occasional dungeon master from Columbus, Ohio.

Lin has spent most of his career as a journalist, winning awards from the Ohio Newspaper Association and the Press Club of Cleveland for his coverage of central Ohio suburbs for the Columbus Dispatch’s publications. His work has also appeared in Forbes, Medscape, The Business Journals, and numerous other magazines and news sites.

Along with reporting, Lin has written for textbook publishers, political campaigns, and marketing agencies, and served as PR Coordinator for the Columbus Creative Cooperative (now the Ohio Writer’s Association), where he promoted local authors and helped new writers get published.

Lin’s short fiction has appeared in Best of Ohio Short Stories: Volume One, Flyover Country Review, and elsewhere. These days, he’s filling in the corners of the map of Pelagia, a wave-tossed world of merfolk and magic that serves as the setting for his novel-in-progress, Overture in Rhapsody, as well as a campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons and other TTRPGs.