An Overdue Update

It’s nice to be blogging again. I haven’t updated in quite a while, and it seems they’ve made some shiny new interface updates to WordPress. I dig it.

With the kids finally back in school, I’ve had more time lately to get back to writing. Right now I’m plugging away at the first draft of a new novel, a fantasy adventure story set in the underwater city of Rhapsody, a homebrew setting several of my friends have had a chance to explore as Dungeons & Dragons PCs. I’m excited about the setting, and growing quite fond of the characters, and I hope to share excerpts here as I write.

I’d like to make this site into my own gathering place, somewhere a little calmer than social media, if only for my own mental health. From here I aim to organize the various work I do, and hopefully get to know a new audience in the process. If we haven’t met before, I have… opinions.

So in the meantime, welcome once more to my corner of the web. Let’s fill it with light.

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